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CT Staff(2)

Pictured is Courtney Barnes, RT(R)(CT) and Jessica Smith, RT(R) with the new Neusoft NeuViz 64 slice CT scanner at Fairfield Memorial Hospital.

Fairfield Memorial Hospital now has the ability to provide patients a wide range of diagnostic studies at greatly reduced radiation dose levels. In addition, patients of all sizes and levels of mobility will have access to CT examinations. Fairfield Memorial Hospital has recently upgraded to a Neusoft NeuViz 64 slice CT scanner, which enhances all of these features for patients. The new system allows advanced diagnostic procedures to be performed such as Metal Artifact Reduction (MAR), CT run offs, CT Angiography (CTA), Orthopedic Imaging , Low Dose Lung Screening, Neuro CT Angiography, Automatic Bone Removal and LOW DOSE Pediatric studies. With the addition of this new CT Scanner, Fairfield Memorial Hospital continues to deliver on its commitment to bring innovative healthcare technology to the communities they serve.

Special Features:

Metal implants, such as hip replacements, are a common occurrence and can be problematic for most CT systems. With MAR, FMH can produce a diagnostic study even in the presence of bilateral hip prostheses.

CT run off studies are very useful in diagnosing vascular problems in extremities for example, this study would be used for swelling, redness, pain, or numbness of an extremity. By using the advanced hardware and software of our NEW 64 slice CT scanner FMH can quickly visualize a wide range of vascular problems from a single, low dose spiral CT scan.

Neuro CTA studies can be challenging as the bone in this region makes the vasculature hard to see. Our system quickly removes bone, such as the skull in a head CT scan, making quality Circle of Willis images for diagnosis. This improves diagnostic quality and lowers patient dose.

Pediatric patients are especially sensitive to x-ray radiation so every effort must be made to image them at the lowest possible dose levels. By deploying an age and weight based protocol design, x-ray dose is minimized without a compromise in diagnostic quality.

“Overall, the new CT at Fairfield Memorial Hospital is a top of the line piece of equipment that scans faster and more efficiently in addition to being safer by reducing radiation dose for all patients.  This is a great diagnostic tool for our community and provides multiple series of scans that can be performed near your home and patients won’t have to travel,” stated, Katherine Bunting-Williams, Ph.D., FMH CEO.