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New McLeansboro Restaurant Opening Thursday

Deep South_alternateA fresh new eatery with a delicious past will open its doors to customers in Hamilton County later this week.  It won’t be cuisine cooked up by folks that McLeansboroans aren’t already familiar with.  In fact, it’s food, many have been clamoring over for about 4 years now from their food truck

Thursday, July 14th, Deep South will open at 300 South Marshall in McLeansboro.  Adam and Tara Little have been considering opening a full blown restaurant they say since about October of 2014, though actual plans and building didn’t begin to materialize until a year later in 2015.  It’s been a long road and the couple is excited to get the doors open.

The restaurant will be open Thursdays 10am – 9pm as well as Fridays and Saturdays from 10am to 10pm.  The menu will feature favorites including “Shareables” like their BBQ Nachos and popular items from Pork Chops to Ribs.  They’ve also included Deep South originals including the Monster Tater and the Yorky (a ¼ pound burger, pulled pork and cheddar cheese served on a bun).  New from Deep South, the restaurant will feature pizzas.  The duo has been giving away practice versions of specialties loaded with BBQ Chicken, Pulled Pork, and Buffalo and have received positive feedback.

Adam and Tara say they plan to keep up with the Food Truck on Fridays and will continue to offer fare at festivals.  That business also spun off a catering option which they say they’ll continue as well.  The restaurant will employ about 10 and Adam says specials will include Thursday night Wings, Friday night fish and Saturday, half chicken and rib dinners.  The décor is distinctly American themed with red, white and blue handcrafted and painted tables and booths.  Adam, a marine who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom, says he’s always enjoyed feeding friends and enjoys being a part of the community.  He says success has come from being consistent and based on customer comments, you can expect busy nights at 300 South Marshall in McLeansboro.

To call in advance orders at the food truck on Fridays, call or text 618-308-0847.  It won’t be difficult to remember the restaurant phone number.  618-643 – HAWG (4294).  Deep South opens Thursday, July 14th.