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Nationwide Wireless EAS Test Rescheduled

Nationwide Wireless EAS Rescheduled

This week was supposed to be the week a Nationwide Wireless Emergency Alert Test was to have been performed.

The test had been scheduled for Thursday, Sept 20, but due to Hurricane Florence and the massive flooding in the Carolina’s, that test date has been changed to October 3.

The test will be sent out by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and will begin around 1:18 central time.

There will actually be two tests; one that is the Wireless Emergency Alert system and the other with the Emergency Alert System. The first test will come over wireless devices, such as cell phones and should be accompanied with the message; “This is a Test.”

If you turn on your television or radio, you will receive the same message.

This is to test the nationwide system to make sure it is functional.   It should be pointed however, some older cell phones may not receive the signal.