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MAGnum Storage Solutions Holds Ribbon Cutting

A unique storage solution is now open.  Mitch and Mary Ann Gross have officially launched MAGnum Storage Solutions at 300 North Church Street in Carmi.  It was never originally planned to offer storage though.  Mitch Gross explains.

“Originally I was looking for a room or a space where I could do some spraying for my painting business.  When this building came up for sale last year, we looked at it and thought it was too big so we ended up putting it on the back burner at the time.  Came back around to it at the beginning of the year after my wife had the idea of utilizing the front part of the building for storage units.  So it worked out and in the beginning of March, it all came to fruition and we got it ready and set to go for storage units.”

There were originally 9 rooms.  The Gross family has gotten creative however to design a variety of size solutions for folks needing climate controlled storage.

“I’ve split two of the rooms into two so we’ve got 11 now; we have 3 or 4 of them rented right now.  We have 3 rooms that are quite sizable, 13 x 18 and if someone doesn’t need that much space, we’re willing to build a wall and put a door in and divide those off.  We have two 13 x 12’s, one 13 x 14, and a 13 x 7, and a couple 13 x 6’s.  They kinda vary in sizes and we’re willing to do whatever we need to do to fit people’s needs.”

Storage units aren’t a new concept.  The identifiable difference with MAGnum however is those rooms being climate controlled.  From better air quality to protection extreme temperature swings, Gross says offering this option to folks can make a difference for their things whether they’re valuable or hold sentimental significance.

“Humidity…that’s where mold and mildew start taking off.  That’s the difference between this facility and a regular one.  The temperature swings in a metal building are so high and low and humidity can’t be controlled.  So if you have furniture or antique furniture of your grandma’s or something like that; records…I have a person that’s renting one and moving in today and they’re a comic book collector.  They don’t have space in their house for them so they’re putting them here to keep them protected.  One person rented for tools they want to keep them here; they don’t use them all the time, but they don’t want them to get rusty.”

You can find MAGnum Storage Solutions on facebook.  You can also call or text 618-384-9851 to learn more.


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