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Lock Up Your Stuff!! Sticky Finger Bandits Are Busy At Work

More burglary reports have been  filed with the White County Sheriff’s Department.  On Saturday at about 9 AM, an officer was sent to 500 South Forrest Street in Norris City for a vehicle being broken into.  59 year old Vicki Dobson said her vehicle was burglarized while sitting in the driveway.  She said she went to Evansville, Indiana Friday and returned home around 5 PM.  Dobson said she left it unlocked because she forgot to lock the vehicle when she went inside her residence.  She said when she walked outside Saturday morning, she saw the passenger side of the vehicle open.  Dobson looked around the vehicle and couldn’t see any damage to the outside.  She noted that the only thing that was missing was ten to twenty dollars in the center console.  Dobson said this was second time in two weeks that the vehicle had been broken into and money taken from the center console.  She didn’t have any idea who might be breaking into her vehicle, but the officer advised her to lock her vehicle at night to prevent future break-ins and she said that she understood.  Dobson stated she wanted to sign a complaint if a suspect came forward.

And on Sunday morning just before 9:30, Jill Shaw, 60, reported the theft of a handgun.  An officer arrived at her residence at 117 Spence Street in Norris City and she said a firearm, Xbox and thirty dollars were taken from her home.  Shaw said that she kept the handgun in a lockbox, and the last time she saw the gun was on February 28th when she opened the lockbox.  Shaw said she lost the key for the box a few days ago and contacted a friend to pick the lock and when the box was reopened the gun was gone along with thirty dollars.  No other information on the incident was made available.




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