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Lady Mules Sweep CWCHS on Fairfield Senior Night; Move to 27-1

Story by Lixi Wheeler; additional stats from Coach Penny Gunter

photo courtesy of Lixi Wheeler

Chet Snyder’s Fairfield Lady Mules who just clinched the Black Diamond Conference-East title, stormed their way to a spectacular win against the Carmi-White County Lady Bulldogs last night on their Senior Night. The 27-1 Lady Mules having a tremendous season took both sets 20-25 and 24-26.
The Lady Mules came out on a mission at the beginning of set one as they soared out to a 5-11 lead over the Lady Bulldogs. Sophomore Jessica Smith not backing down at all; displays her power with a kill off a set from Junior Karson Kays and brings the score 8-14. A kill from Junior Marley Mallow brings CWCHS within four 16-20. Freshman Libero Luci Stubblefield and Junior Frankie Hayes did an amazing job of digging the hits from Fairfield; which kept them off guard throughout the first set. Even though the Lady Bulldogs tried to sneak back into the game, Fairfield sticks it out for the set one win.

Left to right
Jacklyn Simms
Nadia Reid
Lexi Hobbs
(Photo courtesy of Lixi Wheeler)

The momentum from set one continued into set two for the Lady Mules as they racked up a 4-9 lead right off. Smith with a kill tallies another point for the Lady Bulldogs at 5-9. A defensive double block from Senior Mariah Van Matre and Junior Frankie Hayes brings them 7-12. Senior Sydney Lucas adds a kill of her own for 10-15. The Lady Bulldogs clawing their way back in,
ties the game at 20s and 23s but can never take the lead. Fairfield takes the set two win and they go undefeated in the Black Diamond Conference-East.

The Lady Bulldogs will host Senior Night Tuesday, October 22 against Grayville in the McDougal-Evers Gymnasium.

The Lady Bulldogs and the number one seed, the Lady Mules are both in the Johnston City Regional, which begin Monday, October 28. Johnston City will play West Frankfort in Match 1 at 5:30 and Benton will play Vienna in Match 2 at 6:30. Tuesday, October 29 Fairfield will play the winner of Johnston City/West Frankfort game and CWCHS will play the winner of Benton/Vienna game. The winners will be back to play for the title in Johnston City on Thursday, October 31 at 6:00pm.

Coach Penny Gunter stats/comments roundup:

Freshmen lost 13-25, 24-26 making them 4 splits, 4 wins, and 6 losses on the season.  JV lost 13-25, 18-25 which makes them 11-7 on the season.  Varsity lost 20-25, 24-26 making them 16-7 on the season.
Freshmen stats:
Lily Pollard had 8 pts with 1 ace
Emma Frashier had 5 pts with 4 aces
Sophia Smith had 5 pts
Katelyn Niehaus had 2 pts
Sofia Haardt had 1 pt
Lily had 15 good hits with 5 kills and 7 good tips with 1 tip kill
Jalyza had 5 good hits with 3 kills and 8 good tips with 1 tip kill
Chadessa had 5 good hits with 1 good tip
Katelyn had 3 good hits with 1 good tip
Sophia had 2 good hits with 1 kill and 2 good tips
Cadence had 1 good tip
LIly had 2 touch blocks
Emma had 35 good sets with 10 assists
Devani had 5 good sets with 1 assist
Lily and Sophia both had 1 good set
Emma had 9 good digs
Sophia had 7 good digs
Katelyn had 6 good digs
LIly had 4 good digs
Jalyza Estapia, Chadessa Smith, and Devani Mendonca all had 3 good digs
Cadence Burzynski had 2 good digs
JV Stats:
Emma had 6 pts
LIly had 3 pts
Luci Stubblefield had 2 pts with 1 ace
Jalyza had 2 pts
Ella Wortman had 1 pt
Jessica had 8 good hits and 6 good tips
Greyson had 5 good hits with 4 good tips
Jalyza had 4 good hits with 1 kill and 3 good tips
Ella had 3 good hits with 2 good tips
Lily had 3 good hits
Katelynn Miller had 2 good hits
Emma had 5 good tips
Jessica had 2 direct blocks and 2 touch blocks
Greyson had 1 direct block
LIly and Katelynn both had 1 touch block
Emma had 28 good sets with 1 assist
Greyson had 10 good sets
Jalyza and Ella both added 1 good set to the mix
Jalyza had 6 good digs
Emma and Greyson had 4 good digs
Madison Strong had 3 good digs
Lily and Ella both had 2 good digs
Varsity stats:
Mariah Vanmatre had 4 pts
Sydney Lucas had 3 pts
Karson Kays, Marley Mallow, and Luci Stubblefield all had 2 pts
Frankie Hayes added 1 pt
Sydney had 18 good hits with 4 kills and 8 good tips
Mariah had 16 good hits with 4 kills
Jessica had 15 good hits with 7 kills and 8 good tips with 1 tip kill
Marley had 6 good hits with 1 kill
Frankie had 2 good hits with 2 good tips and 1 tip kill
Jessica had 5 direct blocks and 1 touch block
Mariah had 3 direct blocks and 5 touch blocks
Frankie had 3 touch blocks
Karson had 56 sets with 11 assists
Frankie had 17 good hits with 2 assists
Sydney had 2 good sets
Sydney had 12 good digs
Karson and Marley both had 8 good digs
Frankie had 7 good digs
Luci had 5 good digs
Jessica Smith and Mariah both had 1 good each