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Juveniles Arrested in Truck Theft

Juveniles Arrested in Truck Theft

White County Sheriff Doug Maier reported his department received a dispatch call around 4:30 this (Fri) morning concerning a stolen truck that according to GPS tracking was in the Centerville area.

The sheriff, after being told by dispatch the vehicle was now in the Crossville area, but heading west, located the pickup on a dead end field road on County Road 1200 East, just south of County Road 1925 North.

The sheriff’s report indicated there were three in the truck, the driver, a passenger in the front seat and a passenger in the rear seat. All were juveniles. Dispatch had noted earlier that the suspects had attempted to break into a Mt. Vernon, Ill bank and had been involved with a pursuit by Mt. Vernon authorities.

Maier approached the vehicle as it was a felony stop with drawn weapon and after noticing the driver appeared to be debating leaving the scene, the sheriff reached in the vehicle, turning it off and taking the keys.

Deputy Spencer arrived on scene at that time to assist Sheriff Maier.

At that time, all three were transported to the City County Jail for processing. Deputy Spencer remained on scene awaiting a wrecker to tow the truck.

Mt. Vernon police were notified and they indicated an investigator would be enroute to interview the juveniles.

The Illinois Department of Corrections was also notified and indicated they would be enroute to take custody of one of the juveniles who had indicated earlier to Sheriff Maier he was on probation.

Wayne County authorities were also notified the truck had been recovered.

According to the report, one of the juveniles had indicated the truck belonged to an uncle and they were just “road trippin.”

That road trippin is going to lead to serious consequences for the three juveniles, one from Sims, another from Wayne City and the third from Carmi.

The suspects were not identified due to their juvenile status.