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Jeanne Ives Officially Announces Candidacy For Governor

State Representative Jeanne Ives officially announced that she will run for Governor of Illinois on the Republican ticket at a hometown gathering in Wheaton, Illinois.


In her remarks, Ives defined the contrast between her record and Governor Rauner’s, saying that she learned to live by a code, instilled by her parents and “codified by West Point … I will not lie, steal or cheat, nor tolerate those that do.  It’s a simple code, but it represents a revolution in Illinois state government. It also means you make enemies.

“In Illinois state government right now, you choose to be popular with the Illinois political ruling class and become an enemy of Illinois taxpayers or you choose to represent taxpaying Illinois families and make enemies of the political ruling class.

“I choose taxpaying Illinois families. Governor Rauner chose the political ruling class. That’s the difference. That’s the choice in this election.

“I supported and helped get Bruce Rauner elected governor in 2014. I believed his argument that his personal wealth would free him to do right by Illinois and lead the revolt against the political ruling class.

“I was wrong. The tough-talking dude on a Harley with no social agenda turned out to an empty Carhartt jacket. We were promised a conservative reform governor. Instead we got an Ivy League gender studies professor.

Benedict Rauner betrayed us at every turn.”

Ives went on to say, “Bruce Rauner did not fight Mike Madigan, he signed into law Mike Madigan and the Chicago Democrats holy grails of policy. Rauner didn’t turn us around. He sold us out to Mike Madigan and Chicago Democrats.”

Ives noted Governor Rauner’s failure to address Illinois property taxes which are one of the highest in the nation, taxpayer funding of abortion, and his support of sanctuary cities. Ives believes we can’t afford four more years of Rauner. 


She promised her supporters that she and running-mate Rich Morthland were “going to deliver on the policy revolution Rauner promised before he quit and threw in with the Chicago Democrats.”

Ives concluded saying, “Everyone wants to be a warrior until it’s time to do what warriors do. Warriors are unrelenting. Warriors advance through pain, through ridicule, through fear and through grief. Always advance.

“I have been afraid. I have been hurt. I have faced moments, both personally and professionally, when my principles seemed more like burdens than badges of honor. But I’ve stood my ground through ridicule and even threats of violence.

I have fought through pain, through fear, and through grief.

“We are ready for what lies ahead. We will put Illinois on a new path. That is our mission. And we will complete it.”