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January 15 2019 Report – Enfield Village Board Continues to Wrangle with Dispatch Costs

Mayor Tom Harbour presented the board members with an outline of a possible agreement with the White County Sheriff’s Department charging the village for dispatch services and the appointment of an oversight board. Enfield would be charged $500 per month for their part of the cost. During a lengthy discussion, the main complaint from members was that they shouldn’t have to pay for a service that they pay taxes for. There were also questions about who should serve on the oversight board. Harbour will meet today with Norris City Mayor Roy Kissell, Grayville Mayor Joe Bisch and possibly Crossville Mayor Henry Feldmann to discuss the matter. Harbour said he expected they would want changes to be made to the proposal and that there might be a special village board meeting in the future to discuss the matter further.

Four residents received citations about their properties and are in the process of cleaning them up.

Several residents are parking their vehicles illegally on roads or near ditches and other people’s yards and the village is cracking down on it. Anyone that has someone else’s vehicle on their property or see someone parking legally should contact the village office about it. Those that are parking illegally will be given ample time to comply with the law.

In the police report for December, three citations were issued and their was a report of a break-in at the township building.

In the utilities report, repairs were made to the backhoe and one gas leak on the west side of town was reported.

The bed on the utilities truck was replaced at a cost of $1,250 and a fire safety cabinet for the shop was purchased for $350.