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Innovative Imagery from Aaron Coston at Thursday’s Kiwanis Meeting

aaron-costonThis past Thursday Carmi Kiwanis members were in awe of the imagery shown to them by local photographer Aaron Coston of Aaron Coston Image Studio. Aaron shares home with his wife and kids in the rolling hills of southern Illinois. Although based just outside of Evansville Indiana, Aaron’s clients reside nationwide. Throughout the year he’ll pack the suburban down with camera gear, strobe lights, oatmeal raisin cookies, and coffee before following the Google Maps girl to a new distant location.

While product photos and promotional videos take up the majority of Aaron’s time, he has a special affinity for surreal photo composites. Taking notes from some of the world’s top digital artists like Erik Almas and Erik Johansson, Aaron pours over every detail within these other worldly windows. In the end, his clients find this technique equally as appealing on the wall of their living room as it is on a large trade show banner.

First impressions are everything, and in today’s online marketplace, good reputations are made and destroyed in seconds by the quality of images and video companies use to showcase their product. Make sure that first impression is fantastic, because potential customers won’t give you the benefit of the doubt when your competitor is only a click away. In his spare time, Aaron created with the firearm enthusiast in mind. A site where shooters can find and order home decor that fits their unique style. We like guns. We find beauty in the machining of metal and perfection where steel receivers marry walnut stocks. The work you find on Gun Luxe are attempts to honor the creations of the original artists….the gun makers.

From here Aaron plans to continue in commercial and business, computational photography and data collection, working with interactive thermal maps for power systems, presenting at gun shows and galleries, working in the darkroom, and coming up with some crazy ideas.

For more information or to learn more about Aaron’s amazing talent you may visit him online at