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Illinois State Police District 19 has partnered with local, state, and federal agencies to promote vehicle and pedestrian safety around railroad tracks and trains during this past week through Illinois Rail Safety Week, which concludes September 17, 2016.

Even though an emphasis has been made this past week to promote safety for both motorists and pedestrians around railroad tracks, it is imperative that this awareness continues on past this week. Please be proactive to keep a tragedy from occurring on or around railroad tracks.

Operation Lifesaver offers the following ten tips to help keep you safe around railroad tracks:

· Walking or playing on train tracks is dangerous and illegal.

· Be prepared to stop at ALL railroad crossings.

· Cross train tracks at designated highway/railroad crossings.

· Look for the crossbuck sign, lights, and/or gates at railroad crossings.

· Listen for warning bells and whistles.

· Obey the warning signals.

· Obey the directions of a police officer or member of a train crew directing traffic at a railroad crossing.

· Cross the railroad tracks in low gear; do NOT change gears while crossing.

· If one train passes, make sure a second train is not approaching on another track in the same or opposite direction.

· If your vehicle stalls on the railroad tracks, get out quickly and move away from the vehicle and the railroad tracks; call 911 and the emergency number posted at or near the railroad crossing.

Illinois Rail Safety Week was supported by the Illinois State Police, Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police, Illinois Commerce Commission, Illinois Department of Transportation, Illinois Farm Bureau, Illinois Operation Lifesaver, Illinois Sheriff’s Association, and the Illinois Truck Enforcement Association. For additional information, please visit