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IECC College Leaders Meet with USI

Illinois Eastern Community Colleges CEO Terry Bruce and Chief Academic Officer Chris Cantwell, along with presidents and deans representing Frontier Community College, Lincoln Trail College, Olney Central College and Wabash Valley College, met this week with representatives of the University of Southern Indiana to discuss potential opportunities for collaboration.  “We discussed our current good relationship with the University of Southern Indiana and explored an expansion of that alliance,” stated CEO Terry Bruce.

Only three other institutions in the tri-state area are transferring more students to USI than does IECC.  This has created a partnership aimed at benefiting our students from the beginning of their higher education journey through their baccalaureate degree.  “Good partnerships are built through a sense of shared mission and open conversations,” said USI President Dr. Linda L.M. Bennett.  “The University of Southern Indiana has had successful partnerships with the institutions in the Illinois Eastern Community College system for many years and our latest meeting helped us to explore new avenues of opportunity in serving students.  IECC students who transfer to USI to continue their education are well prepared to succeed in our programs. I deeply appreciate the leadership of CEO Bruce and the faculty and staff at IECC as we continue our collaboration for the success of students.”

It is the hope that this meeting and future meetings lead to the development of a greater number of pathways for IECC students to transfer directly into programs at USI in an efficient, seamless fashion.  These pathways should encompass both transfer and career and technical education courses thus benefiting all IECC students.


Front row, from left:  Mr. Rodney Ranes, President, Olney Central College; Mr. David Carpenter, Dean, Lincoln Trail College; Dr. Ronald Rochon, Provost, USI; Dr. Linda L.M. Bennett, President, USI; Mr. Terry Bruce, CEO, IECC; Dr. Marcia Kiessling, Associate Provost for Student Affairs, USI; and Mrs. Amy Mullins, Assistant Director of Admission, USI. 


Middle row, from left:  Dr. Zane Mitchell, Chair of the Engineering Department, USI; Dr. Jay Edgren, President, Frontier Community College; Dr. Matt Fowler, President, Wabash Valley College; Dr. Jeff Cutchin, Dean, Olney Central College; Mrs. Chris Cantwell, Chief Academic Officer, IECC; Mrs. Kathy Harris, President, Lincoln Trail College; Dr. Shelly Blunt, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs; Dr. Ann White, Dean of Nursing and Health Professions, USI; and Dr. Paul Bruinsma, Dean, Frontier Community College.


Back row, from left:  Mr. Robert Conn, Dean, Wabash Valley College; Dr. Michael Dixon, Interim Dean of Liberal Arts, USI; Dr. Scott Gordon, Dean of the Pott College of Science, Engineering and Education, USI; Dr. Mohammed Khayum, Dean of the Romain College of Business, USI; and Mr. Andy Wright, Vice-President for Enrollment Management.