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IECC Board of Trustees Meeting – Nov 17, 2015‏

  The Board of Trustees of Illinois Eastern Community Colleges held a public hearing on the certification of the district’s tax levies for 2015 at the regular meeting Tuesday, November 17, at Frontier Community College, Fairfield.  The 2015 tax levies will be presented for approval at the December 8, Board of Trustees meeting.

            The trustees adopted a new Board Policy, “Procurement Standards for Federal Grant Awards”, in response to federal government changes to the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) dealing with non-federal entities that receive Federal awards.  These changes require IECC to develop written standards of conduct when dealing with Federal dollars.

The trustees approved a special warranty deed for the sale of 1.16 acres of property to the Frontier Community College Foundation.  This property transfer was approved at the September 15th Board meeting and this deed completes the actual conveyance of property.

To comply with U.S. Department of Education requirements, the Board of Trustees approved a Complaint Process for Out-of-State Students in Distance Education.  This complaint process meets new requirements to provide a process and contact information for filing complaints with IECC’s accrediting body, the Higher Learning Commission, and the appropriate state agency, the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

The trustees approved a Colocation Agreement with Franklin University.  The agreement will create a seamless transition for community college student graduates to obtain an onsite undergraduate degree from Franklin University utilizing IECC facilities.

The holiday calendar for administrative, technical, professional non-faculty, clerical and maintenance personnel was approved for calendar year 2016.  The schedule is the same as in previous years.

An Enterprise Zone was approved for Olney and Richland County together with Newton and Sainte Marie and Jasper County.  This will allow the creation of an Olney/Richland County/Newton/Jasper County Enterprise Zone.  Within the proposed Enterprise Zone, the Board of Trustees would abate taxes on any increase in assessed valuation after improvements that require the issuance of a building permit and the total cost of the project exceeds $10,000.00.  The tax abatement would be for 100% of the taxes for a period of five years and would only apply to improvements to industrial and commercial property.  Residential property of any kind is not eligible for tax abatement benefits.

            Affiliation agreements were approved for IECC’s Health Informatics Program and Phlebotomy Program with area health care facilities.

Trustees approved a request by the OCC Alumni and that a plaque be placed in the Gymnasium Foyer in Gene Duke’s honor.  Gene Duke was the Olney Central College Basketball Coach from 1964 to 1975.  Coach Duke was instrumental in establishing various sports programs at OCC and the first intramural programs for all students.  Coach Duke’s career with OCC culminated in a NJCAA Region IV Championship in 1973 and he led the team to second place in the NJCAA National Tournament that same year.

            Aaron Lineberry was employed as full-time Chemistry Instructor at OCC, effective December 18, 2015.

            Wesley Taylor was employed as a full-time Instructor in Workforce Education, effective January 1, 2016.

            Andy Hill was employed as  Bookstore Manager at FCC, effective November 19, 2015.

            Kyrah Buchanan was employed as full-time Program Advisor in Allied Health at LTC, effective November 30, 2015.

            Four reductions in force/honorable dismissals and one termination of personnel were approved.

            A change in status was approved for Tiffany Cowger, Director of TRIO Upward Bound East/West at the District Office to Assistant Dean of Student Services at WVC, effective

November 30, 2015.

            A special assignment was approved for Linda Shidler as Interim Director of the Learning Resource Center at OCC, effective November 18, 2015.

            A retirement ratification was approved for Kathryn Harris, President at LTC, effective June 1, 2016.

            Next regular meeting of the Board of Trustees will be Tuesday, December 8, 2015, at 7 p.m. at Lincoln Trail College, Robinson.


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