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Hamilton Memorial Hospital and Carmi Family Clinic to offer Fall Wellness fasting blood draws for as low as $50

Hamilton Memorial Hospital will be offering reduced rate annual Fall Wellness fasting blood draws for as low as $50.

Reduced rate blood draws will be available at Hamilton Memorial Hospital starting Monday, Oct. 2 through Thursday, Oct. 12.  These blood draws will be offered from 7am – 4pm Monday through Friday and on Saturday from 7am – 11am at the Hamilton Memorial Hospital lab.

The Carmi Family Clinic will offer for one-day only Fall Wellness fasting blood draws on Saturday, Oct. 7 from 7am – 10am. Hamilton Memorial Carmi Family Clinic is located at 1112 Oak Street in Carmi.

“Year-after-year we continue to offer the Fall Wellness blood draw as a community service to give people the opportunity to receive lab work at a significantly lower cost. We encourage anyone who needs lab work or is interested learning about their health to take advantage of this opportunity,” stated Farrah Boyd, Hamilton Memorial Hospital Lab Services.

Wellness screening options include:

$50 Health Screen ProfileIncludes Cholesterol, Triglycerides,

Glucose, BUN, Creatinine, Total Bilirubin, CBC, GFR, Calcium, Total

Protein, AST, Alk Phosphatase, Albumin, Phosphorus, Sodium,

Potassium, Chlorine, CO2, and TSH

$70 Health Screen Profile & PSAIncludes same testing

as $50 Health Screen profile with the addition of PSA screening for

prostate cancer in men

$20 PSA ScreeningProstate Cancer test for men

$10 Wellness ProfileGlucose and good/bad breakdown of

cholesterol, and GFR – these are all included in $50 Health Screen Profile

$2 Blood TypingIdentifies blood type; includes a card with blood

type listed. Can be added to any of the tests.


For most accurate results, participants should be “fasting” – no food or drink, except water, after midnight before blood draw. Results will be provided to participant’s designated provider.

Hamilton Memorial Hospital is located at 611 South Marshall Avenue in McLeansboro, Illinois. Hamilton Memorial Hospital Carmi Family Clinic is located at 1112 Oak Street in Carmi, Illinois.

Fall Wellness forms will be available at, at the Hospital Information Desk at 611 S. Marshall in McLeansboro, or will be available at the Carmi Family Clinic on Saturday, Oct. 7.  For more information, call (618) 643.2361 ext. 0.