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Grayville City Council to Meet Monday

The Grayville City Council will meet Monday, October 12th, at 7:00 PM.


There will be a review of temporary executive powers and disaster declaration, followed by an Executive Session to discuss the purchase or lease of real property for the use of the public body, including meetings held for the purpose of discussing whether a particular parcel should be acquired, as well as pending, probable or imminent litigation.


Old Business will include the demolition of abandoned properties, racing, sport and hobby vehicles, natural gas pipeline license agreements, a liquor ordinance amendment, a request for TIF 1 and revolving loan assistance, Ordinance No. 896 2nd Reading for City Ordinances before passage 1st reading, Ordinance No. 897 Solicitors/Peddler’s 1st Reading, and ratifying an agreement with HLR for the ITEP Sidewalk Grant Application.


New Business to be discusses will include policies on maintaining drive approaches on the city right-of-way, the Bulk Water Operating System, Tax Levy Estimates, an ordinance authorizing the sale of property 407 N. Middle Street, Police Committee recommendations on Police Department Building and Municipal Ordinance Violations, Resolution No. 10-12-2020-1 support for the ITEP Sidewalk Application, and Ordinance No. 898 – 1st Reading – Local Cure Program.


There will also be reports from the Treasurer, Police Chief/Utility Manager, City Attorney, Commissioners, and the Mayor.

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