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Grayville City Council to Hold Special Meeting and Regular Meeting Monday

The City of Grayville will hold a special council meeting on Monday, March 8th at 1:30 PM at City Hall as the Collective Bargaining Committee will meet.

Then the council will hold the first of their regular monthly meetings on that same day, Monday, March 8th at 7 PM at the City Hall.

Due to COVID-19 guidelines, attendance is limited to the members of the Council, Clerk, Treasurer, City Attorney and news media. The public is invited to watch the Meeting and Public Hearing via Facebook live. Click on the live video.

Any questions or comments from the public should be submitted in writing, including name and contact information to the City Clerk by 10:00 A.M., Monday, March 8th for the special council meeting and by 4:30 PM March 8th for the regular meeting. Questions or comments can be submitted by email to: [email protected]; by fax to 618-375-7869; or by calling City Hall at 618-375-3671. Comments and questions will be read into the record during the appropriate public comment time for both council meetings.

At the special meeting, the Collective Bargaining Committee will hold an executive session to discuss collective negotiation matters between the public body and its employees or their representatives, or deliberations concerning salary schedules for one or more classes of employees.

At the regular meeting, an Executive Session will be held to discuss the purchase or lease of real property for the use of the public body, including meetings held for the purpose of discussing whether a particular parcel should be acquired; collective bargaining matters between the public body and its employees or their representatives, or deliberations concerning salary schedules for one or more classes of employees; and the setting of a price for the sale or lease of property owned by the public body.

After the executive session, there is possible action on the purchase of real estate, collective bargaining contract and lease of municipal property.


Old business will be Ordinance No. 910 1st reading of a liquor ordinance amendment, electric upgrade for the Campground, Zoning Public Hearing for the zoning map amendment along the east side of Illinois Route 1 between North Street and Commerce Street, municipal ordinance violations and collection of fees, 2nd reading Ordinance No. 908 amending the Zoning Code to add Special Use to the R-2 district, the swimming pool, liquor license and gaming license requests and amendment to the golf cart ordinance.

In new business, electric supply bids for city electric accounts and street lighting, a generator service contract, the 2022 preliminary budget – set a public hearing date, and announce the bid deadline for the 2021 mowing contracts.

There will be the usual reports, recognition of visitors and review of temporary executive powers and disaster declaration.



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