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Grayville City Council passes 2015-2016 tax levy with no increase.

At Monday night’s Grayville City Council meeting, the Council kept the tax levy for 2015 payable in 2016 the same as the previous levy.  The motion passed unanimously and the details will soon be ready to post at City Hall.

With new businesses moving into the I-64 Industrial Park, the Council approved a motion to change the Business Park signage.  In order to save costs, it was agreed to retain the existing sign structure, but move to smaller individual business signs.

The Council also unanimously approved a loan from TIF District #2 for Jason & Dixie Cherry in the amount of $8, 280.  The loan was agreed to in principal at the last Council meeting, but was waiting on final figures.

Developer’s Agreements and land conveyances were approved for both Tupper’s Guns and Firearms Repair and Cox’s Coin Laundry by unanimous vote.  City Attorney Jay Walden explained that the agreements were similar in nature to others issued by the City, and that construction for both businesses must begin in one year’s time.

Commissioner Bob Stroud brought to the Council’s attention some minor issues with the city’s water wells.  A proposed offer from an outside company to clean and treat wells #1 and #3 was introduced and Stroud said that well #4 is in need of a new pump.  The Council agreed to table the issue until a further date to gather more information and estimates, as neither issue was pressing.

Commissioner David Jordan reported that last weekend’s recycling event brought in over 500 gallons of old paint and several truck loads of old electronics.  Jordan said that those involved were pleased with the results and another event will be planned for the future.

The meeting adjourned at 7:21pm.


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