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Grayville City Council Meeting 11/9/15


The Grayville City Council met on Monday night for the first time in November.  City Treasurer Sharon Walden informed the Council that the City would soon close its seven accounts with US Bank in Springfield and consolidate them into two accounts with Tri-County Bank and one account with First Bank.   The decision was prompted due to the fee increases being imposed and better interest rates locally.

The Council approved a resolution for a .02 percent tax increase for the Library Building and Maintenance Fund that will appear on the ballot for the November 2016 election.  Publication requirements forced the issue until that election, and the tax if approved by voters will be payable in 2017.

Tax levy estimates will be ready to display at the meeting on November 23rd.  Tax increases must be approved before the end of December.

A loan agreement with Jason and Dixie Cherry for no more than $10,000 through TIF #2 was approved, with language and final figures to be finalized before the next meeting.

The Council approved a resolution urging the General Assembly to release non general funds, including motor fuel tax and gaming tax funds, to municipalities even without a state budget in place.  The letter to Springfield echoes what many communities around the state have been asking for.

After much discussion, a unanimous decision was made to approve the renewal of the Illinois Municipal League Risk Management Insurance 2016 minimum/maximum rate at a cost of $116,000 to be made in two payments, the first due on November 20th.

A developer’s agreement with Curb Appeal Carwash was approved for TIF #1 sublot 2 of lot 6.

In the police report, Chief Mann told the Council his department answered 124 calls for service in October and opened 20 case files.  Grayville police made four arrests and handled ten juvenile cases in house instead of through the States Attorney’s office.  26 city clean up citations were issued after the City sent out more than 60 letters.  Chief Mann commended Officer Mike Brown for assisting Wabash County authorities with a high speed pursuit, where Brown employed the departments stop sticks to safely end the chase.

Commissioner Jordan reminded the Council that an electronics recycling event will take place on Saturday at the Christian Church from 9am to noon.

Commissioner Brock said that he received a complaint Sunday night that street lights in the park were not working.  Mayor Bisch believed that a breaker at the pool had tripped and that city workers would check on it today.

Mayor Bisch said that the demolition of the dangerous buildings downtown would begin next week.

Wylie Jenkins from the SIU School of Medicine in Springfield updated the Council on the research project for genetic links to cancer the City agreed to participate in earlier this year.  Jenkins asked that a point person be found to help coordinate efforts locally to find willing participants.  Mayor Bisch said he would find someone as soon as possible.

The meeting was adjourned just before 8pm.


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