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Grayville City Council July 8th Meeting Recap

Grayville leaders met swiftly Monday night, taking only 14 minutes to breeze through business.  With no executive session, council was able to speed through formalities including ordinances, one creating the office of a City Administrator position, another approving the sale of 122 S Court Street for $52,500.  Council also approved TIF agreements with Mark Smith for properties at 211 and 213 East North Street and the Grayville School District.

In other business, council heard from resident Lynn Thompson again who has pervasively appealed to leaders over bickering with a neighbor.

This is at least the third time I’ve been here asking you for help about a neighbor blowing grass and weeds onto my property….through, under, over two fences.  Last year, I had my fence taken down to remove the mess.  This year, they have made the same mess twice covering my air conditioner compressor, grass blown through my lattice work fence backed by a screen wire, plus through and under my wood fence.  Also on my back porch, my house is covered with dirt clods.  It’s destroying my property.  It took me three mornings to clean it and now it’s covered again.  I asked him if I could go on his property and he said no.  Well I couldn’t let the debris destroy my air equipment so I did what I could and tried to not leave a bit of his trash on him after filling three – 13 gallon trash bags with his trash.  Please give me some help.  I don’t destroy anyone else’s property and I don’t want anyone making more work for me.

Commissioner Chris James, Mayor Travis Thompson, and City Attorney Jay Walden tried to explain to Thompson it was a civil matter and give her the steps she needed to take to try to resolve the issue.

Additionally Monday night, Megan Raber, representing Grayville Days made a formal request from the city to assist with funding for the upcoming festival in late August.  Treasurer Sharon Walden said the city had budgeted $20,000 to put toward the community gathering.  Mayor Thompson said council would take the request under consideration and let representatives know what help they could offer at a future meeting.

At last Monday’s July 1st Special meeting, City Clerk JoEllen Seil reports the council approved selling property owned at 122 S. Third Street (Ordinance No. 956) which now an empty lot after demolishing the abandoned home that was on it.  They also approved first reading of Ordinance No. 957 approving the sale of the old city hall building at 122 S. Court Street.  Final adoption will take place at the July 8th meeting.  Mr. Mark Smith who is purchasing downtown buildings at 211 & 213 E North Street was present for the council’s decision on TIF 1 assistance.  They approved granting $10,000.00 toward the purchase of the buildings with the understanding that he can apply again once he has estimates for renovations.

After about a fourteen minute executive session,  the council approved the 3-year Collective Bargaining Agreement with the understanding that job descriptions that need to be edited will be submitted for both sides to approve.  While they didn’t discuss any of the contract highlights, the main one would be The scheduled annual wage increases.  Those  are as follows:  May 1, 2024 – $1.00 (per hour)  May 1, 2025 3% increase and May 1, 2026 3% increase.

  1. sue
    July 9, 2024 at 10:36 am

    I can understand what the Thompsons are going through we have a neighbor that lives out of state and has been harassing us for 24 yrs. cause they want to own everything on this road…the worker lives in grayville and he came on our side of their electric fence which is 9 feet from side of our house and less to the side of our garage and the worker has cut down our trees without our permission and every week or 2 weeks he’ll spray weed killer on our side spraying and killing out trees, flowers and flower beds, our cattails, our blackberries, grapevines and or gra** and our yard looks awful with all that dead stuff…before the owner would mow the empty field and throw gra** onto our vehicles and on us sitting outside and once we had a family gathering and he mowed and threw gra** on us while we were sitting at our picnic table eating …the neighbor had his field surveyed where it would take my driveway and come 1 foot from side of my house …they are bad neighbors that likes to hara** people and encroach on peoples land…we had to cut everything down cause we can’t eat our stuff that has been sprayed with weed killer and we can smell the weed killer inside our house and it makes us sick smelling it

    • J
      July 10, 2024 at 5:14 pm

      Let me guess, the worker is an older man named Bruce? Sounds like the same worker and very same thing he does to family next to another property he manages in Carmi. He lives in Grayville, too.


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