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Grayville City Council Holds Four Meetings Monday

The Grayville City Council held four meetings on Monday, first holding a Special City Council Meeting on Collective Bargaining Committee Agenda. No executive action was taken. At 6:00 P.M. the Council held a Park Committee Meeting followed by a Public Hearing on Ordinance No. 911 Zoning Map Amendment. There was no public comment nor action taken.


In the Regular Session Meeting, the Treasurer reports $1,152,484.99 in the Restricted Account, $917,919.03 in the Investment Account, and $260,132.61 in Cash Available for Operations; for a total of $2,330,536.63. The Treasurer also reports the city has received two small tax checks from Edwards County. The first in the amount of $603.67 for the City of Grayville, and the second for $36.12 for the Grayville Library. The City has also received one payment from White County. During Recognition of Visitors, David Cox addressed the council regarding four ordinance citations issued on his property. Two being issued to him, and two issued to his father. Chief Burrows explained that Mr. Cox’s father was the first name on the property deed, and therefore had received citations.


Mr. Cox agreed to accept responsibility for one citation for trash on property but requested clarification on the other tickets. Mr. Cox voiced that he had purchased property that was formerly railroad tracks, from the city, and the trash was there prior to ownership. The council would decide to table the three remaining tickets pending a Police Committee Council Meeting, a decision Chief Burrows voice his disapproval of.



In the Commissioner’s Reports it was reported the city will complete the purchase of the new Police Dept. building this week, and the Evansville food bank will be in town on April 9th at 10 A.M. at the Christian Church South Lawn. They will be handing out approximately 100 boxes of food on a first come first serve basis, before heading to Carmi. There are plans of making Grayville a regular stop on the food bank’s Carmi route.


In Old Business:

The city attempted to obtain a second quote on the Electric Upgrade at the Campground, the job was said to be too small for the company to bid at this time; however, they agreed to look at the original bid of $2400 by Josh Goldman stating, “it looked about right.” It was decided the city would save money in the long run, as they have required multiple electricians over the past few years due to tripped breakers. There was further discussion on the Amendment to Golf Cart Ordinance, at which time the Mayor presented current ordinances from Wayne City, Carmi, and Fairfield. The ordinance has been tabled at this time pending revisions of the language and further study. The council also moved forward approving two bids for mowing contracts. Mowing will be divided between USA Mowing and Services LLC for multiple sites including Industrial Park South  Frontage, Grayville Memorial Park Ball Diamond, and the Old Carnegie Library. Mowing on sites including I-64 Plaza, the campground, Rt. 1 right-of-way on both sides of the highway, and the old Cablevision Tower Site will be completed by K & K Small Jobs. USA’s bid was in the amount of $223 per mow, K & K will earn $440 per mow, for a total cost of $663 per mow.


In New Business:

The city has spoken with Clearwave a bout the current contract. Since dispatch was shut down, the city has continued to pay for two lines at the old location. Renegotiation of the contract for the move to Industrial Drive allows the city to save money by eliminating one line, while extending the contract. The issue has been tabled until the next meeting.


And the issue of the Eternal Flame was again the topic as conversation. Relocation of the flame to its new location is proving a challenge, as there is currently no gas supply available, and conversion to propane would require an unsightly tank. Discussion of converting to an electric flame has now been brought to the forefront, with the added bonus of electric allowing for spotlights to be aimed on the flags as well. The issue is tabled pending further study.


The next Regular Session Grayville City Council Meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 5th at 7:00 P.M. at the Grayville City Hall.



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