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Grayville City Council Held a Public Hearing and Regular Session Meeting Monday Night

Story courtesy of Jeremy Smith for TOC News


The Grayville City Council held a public hearing ahead of Monday night’s regular session meeting. The item up for discussion was the Amendment to Ordinance 908 Chapter 153, zoning for small animal and pet crematorium.


During the hearing, the public raised concerns about the dangers of rezoning residential property for commercial use, especially considering the type of business proposed. One issue of concern over this type of business is the proximity to families and children. The location of the proposed crematorium would be within 40 feet of a school bus loading and unloading area, and less than 100 feet from a housing district comprised of 60% children. There are concerns that children in the area would know every time they see smoke, that a pet is being burned. Of equal concern are the emissions and fire hazards. The system would run at a temperature of 1400 to 1800 degrees, taking 45 minutes to incinerate small animals and up to 2 hrs for larger animals.


Mr. Muncie reiterated the facts that the system consists of a primary and secondary burner system. The primary would burn the bulk, with the secondary scrubbing the emissions. The system has been designed and tested by the EPA, and when properly operating has minimal odor and emissions.


The decision of the council was to table the motion pending more information from the neighboring public, as well as proposing the possibility of this business being located in an area already zoned other than residential.


No immediate action was taken at this time.


During the regular City Council meeting, The Treasurer reported $1,194,668.08 in the Restricted Account, $916,871.49 in the Investment Account, and $193,888.36 in Cash Available for Operations, for a total of $2,305,427.93. The treasurer also reported that the White County tax bills are due on March and April 15th.


In Commissioner’s reports, Commissioner Baldwin reported that the Texas freeze had caused problems with the local gas pipeline, but that the city had been lucky to get through it with the help of Ron Reagan, as-well-as the sacrifices made by the citizens who turned their thermostats down, helping to avoid having to pay thousands. And Commissioner Jordan reported that the budgets are due, and he will start preliminary work next week. He also reports the city’s current oil income is $586.42.


In review of Temporary Executive Powers and Disaster Declaration, the Mayor reported that numbers are down. The council decided to end Temporary Powers and Declarations, with the understanding that reinstatement could be necessary if numbers start to rise. The Mayor and Council request the public use common sense and continue to avoid large gatherings.

In old business, the Liquor Ordinance Amendment was tabled pending clarification over differences in corporate licensing versus LLC. The city still is waiting to receive additional bids for the Electric Upgrade for the Campground.


A public hearing over Municipal Ordinance Violations and collection of fines has been set for March 22 at 3 p.m.. Regarding the second reading on Planting Trees, Shrubbery or other Flora on Public Right of Way, the council voted unanimously to close the second reading, but the vote to approve would see Commissioners Jordan and Howell vote no. And the council voted to approve the request for TIF #1 Funds for Building Preservation – Approve Developer’s Agreement seeking for work to begin immediately.


In new business the council set March 16 at 3 p.m. for pre-construction meeting for the Water Line Replacement Project. Westwood Recreation requested a fireworks permit for the 4th of July, to put on a fireworks display. The Mayor and Council agree that as long as certain criteria are met, such as having a licensed pyro-technician on staff and the Fire Department on location, it would be a great event for the community. The council also discussed the proposed amendment to the Golf Cart Ordinance deciding to table it pending further discussion, but did eliminate the current restrictions in place regarding suspension modification on golf carts.


The next regular session city council meeting is scheduled for March 8th at 7 p.m. at the Grayville City Hall.

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