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Grayville City Council approves purchase of Mason Well Servicing, Inc building

The Grayville City Council wrapped up their first December meeting Monday night in just under six minutes.  After unanimously approving the Treasurer’s report, the Council quickly tackled the lone item on the agenda.

City Attorney Jay Walden presented the Council with the final details on the City’s purchase of the Mason Well Servicing building.  Walden explained that since the Council had agreed in principle to the agreement, he just wanted to present the final figures.  The Council agreed to the arrangement and the motion passed with all in favor.

Police Chief Roy Mann gave his departments activity report for the month of November, and asked the Council’s consideration for an ordinance setting an impound fee for vehicles the police must have towed.

Commissioner Andy Brock reported that the line transmission survey was passed 100 percent, and wanted to commend Scott Irwin for the result.

Mayor Bisch told the Council he had attended a DRA meeting about attracting businesses to town, and asked that a committee be formed to discuss plans for the proposed downtown park, and asked any interested people to contact City Hall or himself if they would be interested in serving on such a committee.

The meeting adjourned just after 7:06pm and the Council will next meet on Monday, December 28th at 7pm.


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