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Getting Illinois Back Open – The Metrics

While many continue to air their frustrations, others are looking for answers in how to get their region of Illinois opened under the restrictions in place.  To get to Phase 3 of the governor’s five-phase reopening plan, there are certain metrics a region must attain.  Among those is the COVID-19 positivity rate among all tests conducted.  That number must be below 20 percent for 14 days.  While the Northeast region hasn’t dipped below around 21 percent, state data shows since May 1, the North-Central region hasn’t been over 10 percent.  The Central region hasn’t been above 7 percent.  The Southern region, where we’re located, hasn’t gone over 12.75 positivity rate.

Another metric the governor’s plan lays out for regions to attain to advance to the third of five phases of reopening is hospital occupancy. All four regions have at least 14 percent available beds and ventilators to take any possible surge, though the Northeast region which includes Chicago edges that. The Central region has overall the most beds available of all the regions.

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  1. Fred Farkleface
    Fred Farkleface
    May 11, 2020 at 12:30 pm

    My suggestion is we create another state from , I70 – South. Call it Lincolnland or Shawnee or some other differentiating name and leave Springfield, Chicago and Northern Illinois to their own devices. Springfield sucks Southern Illinois dry paying for the Chicago Corruption and pensions for their workers or maybe I should say supposed workers… I could even shorten the last sentence to 3 words; Springfield & Chicago suck…
    Our Southern Illinois economy is being ruined by lard rear bureaucrats. They don’t care about us, lets’ stop bankrolling them.

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