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Four White County Residents Among Latest CoViD Positive Cases Reported by Egyptian Thursday, 8/13/20

Egyptian Health Department was notified on August 13, 2020, of six Southeastern Illinois residents who have tested positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19). The individuals include:

 Saline County
o a female, in her 30’s, at home and in isolation

 Gallatin County
o a female, in her 60’s, hospitalized

 White County
o a male, in his teens, at home and in isolation
o a female, in her 50’s, at home and in isolation
o a female, in her 60’s, case status in progress
o a female, in her 70’s, hospitalized


To date, Saline County has had a total of 135 lab confirmed positives, including 2 deaths, White County has had a total of 80 lab-confirmed positives, and Gallatin County has a total of 53 lab-confirmed positives of COVID-19, including 2 deaths. The Illinois Department of Public Health, their healthcare provider, and the individuals have all been notified and are monitoring the situation.
As cases increase, the number of close contacts increases for individuals who need to be quarantined for a minimum of 14 days. Please maintain physical distancing of 6 feet or more at all times. Public health officials are conducting an investigation of these cases by speaking with individuals who are deemed potential close contacts. As is protocol, public health officials may place other individuals on home quarantine if they are determined to have had significant exposure. Such individuals may not by symptomatic, but are quarantined for a period of time which allows symptoms to develop and pass, without posing risk to others. If you are contacted by public health officials, please respond promptly.

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