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FMH to start a Community Garden

Fairfield Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce we will be starting up a community garden, Fresh Blooms.  The garden will be located on the corner of NW 10th Street and Main Street near Horizon Healthcare. The plans are in motion and the staff is eager to begin the process.


The purpose of the community garden is to benefit the community.  The garden will be open to the public and all of the produce that is grown will be given away.  This will be a new kind of ground breaking for FMH.  The garden will start off the first year with tomatoes, corn and herbs. FMH plans to add more fruits and vegetables each year.


Since a garden requires much upkeep and care, we are asking the community for help in making this wonderful addition possible.  The help requested would be building the garden, planting, weeding and watering.  Any and all volunteers would be greatly valued.  If anyone is interested in volunteering and want more information, please call Brenda Ware-RogeRN BSN, Care Coordinator, at 618-847-8349.


“We hope that by starting this community garden it will provide access to people who are in our community who are not able to have their own garden due to space constraints or lack the resources to be able to have their own garden.”stated Katherine J. Bunting-Williams, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of Fairfield Memorial Hospital.