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Service Award Luncheon 2015

Pictured are:

Front Row (from left to right) – Michelle Ward, Hazel Vest, Shawna Fry, Paige Wells, Bill York, Katherine Bunting, Ashlee Johnson, Kendall Green, Vickie French, and Rhonda Grinols

Back Row (from left to right) – Jan Wheat, Marissa Fenton, Yadi Lake, Jeannette Chow, Dana Shantel Taylor, Whitney Buckles, Keyna Warren, Judy Ray, Debbie Krieg, Jessica Lane, Shaylene Todd, Hollie Barrett, Kim Hosick, and Courtney Barnes

Fairfield Memorial Hospital recently hosted a special luncheon to honor staff for their many years of service.  Service Awards were given to those who have served as Fairfield Memorial Hospital Association employees for five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, and thirty-five years.


Serving FMH for five years are Whitney Buckles, Dietitian; Paige Wells, Emergency Department; Hollie Barrett, Horizon Healthcare; Kendall Green, Horizon Healthcare; Shaylene Todd, Horizon Healthcare; Jeannette Chow, Housekeeping; Keyna Warren, Human Resources; Debbie Krieg, Infection Preventionist/Utilization Review; Marissa Fenton, Laboratory; Amy Shelton, Laboratory; Vickie French, Med/Surg; Donna Jackson, Med/Surg, and Girlie Moats, Skilled Care Unit. Those serving for ten years include Courtney Barnes, Diagnostic Imaging; Jessica Lane, Home Health, Larry French, Laboratory; Jan Wheat, Laboratory; Michelle Ward, Marketing; and Trina Troyer, Skilled Care Unit.  Those serving FMH for fifteen years are Dana Shantel Taylor, Administration; Shawna Fry, Cardiopulmonary; Robyn Adcock, Diagnostic Imaging; Ashlee Johnson, Emergency Services; Monica Goodwin, ICU; Crystal Winter, ICU; Bill York Maintenance; and Hazel Vest, Surgery. Those serving for twenty years are Kimberly Hosick Home Health and Rhonda Grinols, Diagnostic Imaging. Yadi Lake who works in the Laboratory, was recognized for serving FMH for twenty-five years, and Judy Ray of Pharmacy was specially recognized for her continued dedication to the facility for thirty-five years.


Katherine Bunting-Williams, Ph.D., FMH CEO, said, “Among these 31 employees there is a cumulative total of 345 years of service in our facility.  This is service dedication and what a diverse representation of our hospital as nearly every department in our facility was represented among this list of award recipients.  They each come to work with a true servant’s heart.  I know not all days are easy when working in healthcare, and the sacrifices each of these individuals have made day in and day out for years and years to serve this community does not go unrecognized.  I believe that we are very likely to see these same individuals and their smiling faces in the room to be awarded again in another five years, because of the culture we foster here at Fairfield Memorial Hospital. I am so thankful and proud to have such a hard working, dedicated, and skilled staff here at Fairfield Memorial Hospital.”


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