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Fairfield Memorial Hospital weekly updates are published in order to share information with the public as progress continues to be made on our Expansion Project.




During the week of December 28th, the spray fire proofing on the 3rd floor is nearing completion and they will then be moving to the 2nd floor. Great progress has been made on the interior partitions and door frames on the 3rd floor and this should continue for the next 2 weeks. Mechanical, plumbing and electrical trades are working on the in-wall and above the ceiling work on 3rd floor and continuing the above ceiling work on 1st and 2nd floor.


During the week of January 4th, weather permitting,the spray fire proofing will be underway on the 2ndfloor, work on partitions and door frames will continue on the 3rd floor and they will begin setting the remaining exterior studs and sheathing. The mechanical, plumbing and electrical work will continue with the in-wall and above ceiling work throughout the addition.

Fairfield Memorial Hospital is extremely thankful for all of the support and interest we have received from this community for this project. We hope everyone has a Happy and Safe New Year!

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