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FMH Employee of the Year – Rhonda Hart

Pictured is Stacy Blaine, FMH Director of Purchasing; Rhonda Hart, Fairfield Memorial Hospital’s 2017 Employee of the Year, and Amy Marsh, FMH Chief Financial Officer.

Fairfield Memorial Hospital proudly announces that Rhonda Hart of the Purchasing Department has been voted Employee of the Year by her peers.

Rhonda began working at Fairfield Memorial Hospital in July of 2016. In her short time at Fairfield Memorial Hospital, she has had a positive impact on her coworkers and the organization as a whole. Rhonda is an exceptionally hard-working individual who is known to efficiently finish each project that is given to her. She consistently seeks opportunities to positively impact others when performing her duty of delivering supplies to each department. Staff, patients, and visitors have noted her willingness to lend a hand, provide a supportive smile, or assist someone in finding their way around the facility. Her smile spreads encouragement on the busiest days as she comes in contact with others. Rhonda is an employee who always gives her absolute best to go above and beyond her call of duty.

“Rhonda gives her absolute greatest effort each work day as she spreads upbeat vibes around the hospital. I cannot put into words how extremely valuable she is to the Purchasing Department. Her positivity and the way she efficiently executes purchasing orders is extremely valuable. I am extremely proud to have Rhonda as part of my team and am blessed by what she offers those around her,” stated Stacy Blaine, FMH Purchasing Director.

“First of all, I am humbly surprised and feel so blessed to be chosen by my peers and given this honor. I work with so many deserving individuals and feel like part of the family here at the hospital. When I first began working at FMH there were numerous individuals who helped me adjust to my position. Then as I got to know everyone on a first name basis I have felt like I became part of a family. The most rewarding part of being part of this organization is when I deliver the most intricate supplies needed for our clinical staff to care for patients. Overall, I feel like I am part of a seamless organization with each individual in every department doing their part to create optimal results for our patients,” stated Rhonda Hart, Purchasing Clerk and FMH’s 2017 Employee of the Year.

“Rhonda has been bestowed this honor by her peers. She is an employee who delivers excellent care to our internal and external customers to the extent of building strong bonds with individuals in every department. Employees have often spoken of the compassion she has for those around her. Rhonda’s customer service is a wonderful example of the type of quality we strive to deliver here at FMH,” said Katherine Bunting-Williams, Ph.D., FMH Chief Executive Officer.