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Sara Shelton was the proud winner of the homemade quilt through a special Raffle put together by the Fairfield Memorial Hospital Auxiliary.  Funds from the raffle benefited the FMH Auxiliary to provide donations for various needs and equipment forAuxiliary Quilt Raffle Winner FMH.  Pictured is Sara Shelton receiving the beautiful Auxiliary Quilt from FMH Volunteer Coordinator, Charlotte St.Ledger.


More Quilters Welcome

The FMH quilters finish on average 3-6 quilts each year, making about $1,000 for the Hospital Auxiliary.  The volunteers meet each Thursday from about 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. in the quilting room in the white building directly behind the Hospital. Quilting is done for individuals who furnish a quilt top and then the volunteer quilters finish the quilts for the individual clients.  There is always a large demand for quilts to be finished; therefore, anyone who has some experience in quilting would be welcomed to join the volunteer quilters.  The additional volunteers would help ensure that the quilts are finished in a timely manner for clients and additional funds would be raised to benefit the Hospital.


For more information about becoming a quilting volunteer, contact Charlotte St.Ledger, at 618-847-8297, or [email protected].