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Flexed and Focused – Joyner Therapy Stretching into New Program

Guided by the goal of helping people move better and in turn feel better, Joyner Therapy Services’ new “Flexed and Focused” program is designed to benefit everyone.  Meagan Drone, Dr. Lukas Matsel, and Paige Winter caught up with Kiwanis Thursday to explain the new offering.  Dr. Matsel says Flexed and Focused is broken down into two categories, a regular program and then also an athletic centric program.  For the general public…

“So like general arthritis and things like that that make joints really, really stiff can benefit from this.  There are a ton of different reasons why muscles and joints get blocked up or stiff.  It could be a joint restriction from arthritis or it could be just a tight muscle.  So there might be people who develop tendonitis in their quad muscle for example and we can help with that by stretching the quad.”

It’s all about increasing mobility.  Matsel described the body like a factory saying just because your back hurts, there could be an issue in your legs or even your neck that are causing that pain and this program can help address that as well.

“The body’s kinda like an assembly line so if the guy on this side of the line isn’t doing his job, then everything back here’s gonna get backed up and probably not work right.  Everything works together.”

The program is cash based so no doctor’s referral is required.  Anyone can take part and as often as they feel they need.  Learn more by calling Joyner Therapy in Carmi at 618-382-2771.


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