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First annual Hig Par 3 Challenge coming to Carmi Country Club Oct. 21

The First Annual Hig Par 3 Challenge will be held at the Carmi Country Club on Saturday Oct 21 at 1pm.

There will be a chili lunch served at Noon prior to play

Entry fee is $15 which includes the Lunch.

What is the Format?

  • Unlike any tourney you have played in – Objective is to have FUN!
  • We will mow off a tee area left of 6 cart path approx..…. 100-125 yards from the Green.
  • Tourney will be set up ….NCAA basketball bracket format. We will draw brackets and you will compete one on one
  • Each person will hit 3-5 balls per round/match – closest ball is the Winner
  • Winner advances, Loser goes into Loser’s bracket. Both winners and Losers will keep competing until they are knocked out.  There will be a Consolation champion and a 3rd place winner along with the overall Winner.  100% payback to the Winners.
  • It will be handicapped like this: For every difference in handicap the higher handicap will get to move their closest ball ½ ft. closer up to a maximum of 10ft.  Example 15 handicap vs a 5 handicap.  Each will hit their shots then the 15 handicapper will get to move their ball 5 foot closer for the final measurement (15-5 = 10….10 X ½ ft. = 5 Feet)If we get enough for several brackets….then you will be put in a bracket according to your handicap…and compete heads up against your opponent.  Example: A flight and a B flight.  Then once we have bracket winners… they will face off and it will be handicapped.
  • If we get enough players we might have more than 1 bracket. Ideally we could have 4 brackets.  If not it will be 1 or 2 brackets.  If we do have more than 1 bracket then bracket winners will play off to decide the overall winner.
  • Here is the caveat that makes it FUN! Everyone is standing around a semi-circle watching the person hit.  You cannot physically touch the person hitting the shot….but you can…. for example…say something….Shout something….be completely quiet….Play music….etc….
  • Hopefully we can get 30-40 people to sign up and have a great time.

Please call Neal at the Country Club or Hig at 812-480-8796 to sign up.

Any questions call the clubhouse or Hig