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Farmers Reminded to Be Safe

Farm Safety


While last week was National Farm Safety Week it’s never too late to remind farmers and other agricultural workers to always keep safety in mind.

Fall harvest is in full swing around the area and local motorists are reminded there will be big farm equipment on the rural roads and highways. That equipment will run the gamut from combines to tractor and implements. Plus there will be additional semi truck trailers on the road hauling the harvested grain to bins and local markets. Motorists should use caution when approaching or passing farm vehicles and be courteous as that farmer or worker may be tired and not as alert as one should be.

Farmers are reminded to use caution when traveling on area roadways and to not hold up traffic unless there are no safe places to allow traffic to proceed.

Farmers are urged to follow the six safety steps outlined by the Department of Agriculture;

  1. Educate yourself; Before you begin a project, learn all about the mechanics and risk of each project.
  2. Stock a first aid kit.
  3. Check fire extinguishers to make sure they are up to date and useable.
  4. Read the safety warnings and labels on each vehicle.
  5. Avoid loose clothing and jewelry, especially around augers, elevators, etc.
  6. And most important; Ask for Help, when needed.


According to OHSA, tractor and equipment overturns are the leading cause of death on American farms. Heat-related illness’ are considered deadly as well. Farmers are twenty times more likely to succumb to a heat-related illness than other American workers.

And livestock farmers are reminded to be careful, as cows kill twenty people a year in the United States. Those deaths are likely blunt force trauma to the head or chest.

While emphasis on safety is increased during harvest and spring planting, farmers are reminded to be diligent throughout the year as accidents can happen at any time.


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