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Auxiliary Group best(2)

Pictured are the Fairfield Memorial Hospital Volunteers being recognized for their Service Hour Bar:

Front Row: Marj wood, Joyce Williams, Deman Bradshaw, Dennis Brant, Delbert Anthis, Pat Kenshalo, and Don Brake

Back Row: Alice Garrett, Denise Beehn, Lorna Worton, Marie Rutger, Fern Atwood, Pat Vaughan, June Auvil, Doris Hess, Kitty Dunlap, and Judy Jelley

In celebration of National Volunteer Week, Fairfield Memorial Hospital honored Volunteers for their service by hosting the Annual Volunteer Recognition and Awards Dinner Monday, April 18.  The event was held in the Fellowship Hall of the Fairfield First United Methodist Church. Dinner was prepared and served by the Methodist Men’s Group of the church.  Spring colors and daffodils were used as table decoration.


Charlotte St. Ledger, Coordinator of Volunteers, welcomed the Volunteers. She then introduced six students from Mrs. Gayle McGehee’s Third Grade Class from Northside School who provided ‘A Proud History’ by portraying famous persons in honor of Black History Month. The students participating were: Lauren Wolfe as Harriett Tubman, Jacob Maguire as President Abraham Lincoln, Sawyer Jones as George Washington Carver, Grant Halbert as Jackie Robinson, Nathan Legg as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Aiden Medler as President Barack Obama.


Prior to dinner being served, Reverend Donna Blythe of the First United Methodist Church gave the invocation.


Following dinner, Charlotte introduced the Administrative Staff and the Auxiliary Officers & Committee Chairs.  She then introduced new Auxiliary members in 2015, Brenda Hale, Teresa Hill, Margot Young, Cynthia Sheraden, Delbert ‘Bud’ Anthis, Gayala Blackford & Ray Duke.


Charlotte then invited Katherine Bunting-Williams, Ph.D., FMH CEO, to come forward to assist with award presentations. Cumulative hour awards were presented to the following:


100 Hour Pin & Bar – Denise Beehn, Dennis Brant, Alice Garrett, Lorna Norton,                                      David Savage, Delbert ‘Bud’ Anthis

500 Hour Bar – Fern Atwood

1,000 Hour Bar – Bob Mercer, Joyce Williams

1,500 Hour Bar – Judy Jelley

2,000 Hour Bar – Delman Bradshaw, Bob Murphy

2,500 Hour Bar – June Auvil, Don Brake, Doris Hess, Pat Vaughan

3,000 Hour Bar – Marj Wood

5,000 Hour Bar – Marie Rutger

5,500 Hour Bar – Kitty Dunlap

10,000 Hour Bar – Pat Kenshalo

Charlotte also presented Pat with a beautiful geranium in recognition of her 10,000 hours of service.


Following the awards presentation, Dr. Bunting-Williams, FMH CEO, expressed her heartfelt appreciation for the many hours of service and assistance the Volunteers provide to the Fairfield Memorial Hospital & the Medical Arts Complex.


As an expression of appreciation, FMH’s Administration gave $390 of cash in various increments, as door prizes to those Volunteers lucky enough to have their name drawn.