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Deputy Wicker Responds To Mother Daughter Domestic Dispute

The White County Sheriff’s Department was dispatched to Mill Shoals on Tuesday in reference to a domestic dispute between mother and daughter. While enroute Deputy Matt Wicker was informed that the mother had left the scene and the daughter would like to meet with Wicker at the Mill Shoals Fire Station. Upon arrival Wicker met with Sera Smothers who was accompanied by a witness Odessa Staley and Sera’s two children. Sera stated that she arrived at her mother’s Laura Smothers house at around 12:30 a.m. to get her son. She stated that she had just been released from the hospital after giving birth to her daughter. Sera said when she arrived at the house her mother became very agitated. As Sera reached down to pick up her son Laura punched her in the face with her phone in her hand. Sera stated that her mother then took her grandmothers car keys and left the scene. Deputy Wicker observed the injury on Sera’s face as he was talking with her. Wicker then spoke with Odessa who said that Laura was upset with the time of night that Sera arrived to pick up her son. Sera told Wicker that she wanted to sign a complaint against her mother for Domestic Battery. She will also be sending a voluntary statement against her mother to the State’s Attorney.

DCFS was contacted by Deputy Wicker. No other details have been released at this time.


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