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Deer Season Safety

Deer Season Safety

This weekend marks the first half of shotgun deer season, running from Friday morning until Sunday sunset.

While most hunters know and practice good safety while afield, it never hurts to remind one about safety issues.

It is important to remember to wear blaze orange during shotgun deer season. While it is not required of bow hunters, hunters using firearms are required to be visible from all directions. Upland hunters chasing rabbits, quail and other birds are reminded it is a good idea to display blaze orange on one’s hunting dogs.

Other safety ideas include letting someone know where you will be hunting and how long you plan to be afield. Hunters using tree stands are reminded to check to make sure the stand is stable and to use safety harnesses while in a tree stand. Hunters using ground blinds are also reminded to make sure they can see clearly.

All hunters should make sure they have a clear shot before pulling the trigger or releasing an arrow.

While this weekend’s weather is not threatening, there is always the chase a cold front could drop temperatures, so hunters should dress accordingly and plan ahead for inclement weather.

Hunters should also be familiar with the area they are hunting.

Non-hunters who plan to be in the woods or afield this weekend are reminded they too should wear clothing that is highly visible, preferably blaze orange as well. Make noise, whistle or sing or carry on a conversation with others to alert hunters you are in the vicinity.

Be courteous, once a hunter is aware of your presence, don’t make unnecessary noise that would disturb his/her hunt. If you do hear shooting, make some noise to let hunters know you are in the area.

Know you own comfort zone. If you are uncomfortable about hiking in a hunting area, choose an area where you know hunting is not allowed.

Both hunters and non-hunters are reminded to stay alert and be aware of your surroundings.


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