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Crossville man arrested for domestic battery, underage consumption

hosick zakkary 10-28-15

The White County Sheriff’s Dispatch received a call Wednesday morning at 1:37am reporting a domestic battery in Crossville.  Deputies responded to an apartment at 405 Rudolph Street, where the caller, 31 year old Lacy Duncan reported she had been punched in the face by 20 year old Zakkary Hosick during an argument.

Duncan told officers Hosick was staying at the apartment during her divorce and that the two had been drinking vodka that evening.  Deputies noticed Duncan was very intoxicated during the interview and performed a field breath test, revealing an alcohol content of 0.21%.  As a result, Duncan was not able to complete a written statement, but told officers that Hosick punched holes in the walls and slammed a door onto her toe, as well as striking her in the eye with his fist.  A witness who was at the apartment confirmed the story.

During the questioning, Hosick contacted Dispatch and spoke with responding officers, who noted that Hosick was difficult to understand because of intoxication.  Hosick spoke to deputies outside of Duncan’s apartment where he stated he could not be arrested because he knew his rights.  Deputies disagreed and took him into custody when Hosick attempted to resist.  The report states that due to the wet conditions, responding officers decided not to use the Taser.  Hosick ended his resistance and surrendered and was transported to the White County Jail, where he submitted to a breath analysis, revealing a BAC of 0.19.

Hosick is being held pending a court hearing, he has been charged with illegal consumption of alcohol by a minor, criminal damage to property, domestic battery, and resisting a police officer.

Duncan is facing a charge of unlawful delivery of alcohol to a minor.


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