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Conservation Stewardship Program

Here at NRCS and the Soil and Water Conservation District, we encourage agriculture producers
and landowners to apply for the Conservation Stewardship Program. Whether you are seeking to
improve or diversify current conservation systems already in place or install new practices altogether,
the program provides multiple avenues and activities for enrollment. Lands ranging from cropland,
grassland, pasture, range, and non-industrial forests are all eligible.

NRCS conservationists will assist any applicants in evaluating and selecting the practices that
best suit the management needs and resource concerns at hand. These may include but are not limited
to, soil quality and retention, water quality and excess, wildlife habitat, plant communities, and nutrient
management. Practices often address and mitigate resource concerns whilst implementing cost
effective measures and long-term benefits such as saving money on fertilizer applications, increased
production capacity, and increased climate-smart methodology. These practices optimize the potential
of one’s land and operations.

Beyond the standard practices, the Conservation Stewardship Program offers Enhancements
and Bundles as well. CSP takes conservation performance into consideration with higher performances
resulting in higher payments so multiple practices, enhancements and/or bundling practices may be in
your best interest for both first time applicants and reenrollment participants. Additionally, selecting at
least one enhancement practice will increase the ranking of the project for a greater chance of funding.

The program is carried out through five-year contracts; however, the contract duration does not
necessarily reflect the length of the practice lifespan. Upon a successful application and finalized
conservation plan, the program will provide annual payments for the installation and maintenance of
the conservation practices.

White County SWCD and NRCS can provide any additional information you may need along with
application assistance and consultation. Inquiries and applications for CSP are welcome throughout the
year, but are encouraged at your earliest convenience. White County SWCD has taken on a new
Resource Conservationist, Tenley Wessel. She is passionate about environmental conservation and
sustainable agriculture. With a background in environmental consultation, design, and agriculture, she
is looking forward to assisting farmers and landowners elevate the status and quality of their land,
natural resources, and operation. Tenley can be reached by telephone at 618-382-2213 Ext 112.


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