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Carmi Council Approves Budget

Carmi Council Approves Budget and a Solar Application


The Carmi City Council approved the annual budget and appropriation ordinances Tuesday night along with approving a solar application for Carmi Manor.

Keith Botsch, the city accountant explained the budget to the council pointing out that while the budget is in the black, it took some juggling of funds to show the positive balance.

Botsch explained the budget at length during a public hearing held prior to the regular council meeting which got underway at 5:30.

He pointed out the city may eventually have to raise taxes to keep up with the police pension fund, something that is being dealt with by other communities across the state;


Botsch said the appropriations total close to 20 million dollars, but the city may not have to spend all that;

With no further questions, the council approved the budget and appropriations for this fiscal year which ends Dec. 31, 2019.

In other matters, Dave Coston, the city’s electrical consultation presented council with a detailed look at a solar application from Carmi Manor. Coston explained the city has authorized an ordinance two years ago concerning solar application, pointing out the city had set a limit on how much solar the city would approve. That cap would not be exceeded by the Carmi Manor application and Coston said the city could always up the cap if additional solar applications were forthcoming.

The matter took considerable explanation, but the council agreed to approving the application, allowing Carmi Manor to move ahead with the project.

Council also approved a request from Nathan Whetstone, doing business as Whetstone Oil LLC. That request concerned some property in the Industrial Park that Whetstone is interested in. Council approved the request and wished Whetstone the best in his endeavors.

In reports, Carmi Mayor Jeff Pollard reminded everyone of next week’s blood drive coming up at First Christian Church, Tuesday, Feb. 26.

There were no reports from the standing committees.

The next Carmi City Council meeting will be Tuesday, March 5th.