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Carmi City Council holds short meeting to open May

The Carmi City Council met Tuesday night for their first meeting in May.  Following approval of the April 17th meeting minutes, the Council approved the re-appointment of Nancy J Winters to a two year term as a Trustee on the Police Pension Board by unanimous vote and no discussion.

Mayor Jeff Pollard expressed his thanks to all the City employees and volunteers who had prepared Bradshaw Park and made Saturday’s Opening Day ceremonies for the Carmi Recreational Summer League a success.  He also reminded everyone of the Stay Positive Stay Aggressive golf scramble coming up on May 19th.

Alderman Mike Knight also thanked those who had worked at Bradshaw Park in preparation of Opening Day, but did tell the Council that Field #4 needs a fence down the foul line to prevent balls and players from entering the parking lot.  Knight also reported that 17 members of the White County Democrats collected 25 bags of trash from the roadsides entering Carmi.

Greg Hays representing the Campfire Club invited the Council to an appreciation lunch being held Wednesday at Burrell’s Woods for the City employees who had made improvements to the campground.

With no executive session, the meeting adjourned at 5:35 and the Carmi City Council will meet again on May 15th at 5:30 pm.