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Candidate for Illinois House District 118, Jason Kasiar, calls on Brandon Phelps to put his vote where his mouth is

There were at least two separate budget proposals that included essential funding for the Olive Branch relocation project. Those proposals would have helped people affected by the floods in 2011 and would have helped numerous Southern Illinois families and communities in Alexander County recover both structurally and economically. But Rep. Brandon Phelps remained silent about the proposals, siding with Mike Madigan and other Chicago politicians. He did not speak up about proposals that cut wasteful government spending and contained funding to help the people of Southern Illinois. Instead, he chose to support and vote for an unbalanced Madigan-Phelps budget with zero funding for the Southern Illinois project.


In response, Jason Kasiar released the following statement: “It’s disheartening to see Brandon talking in the district about helping Southern Illinoisans affected by these tragedies, but voting with Chicago career politicians like Mike Madigan. This is yet another example of him standing with Chicago power-brokers at the expense of Southern Illinois. I urge him to put the party politics and campaign talk aside and do what is best for Southern Illinois. He had the opportunity to speak up for this funding and vote for us, but he chose to vote with Mike Madigan instead. Southern Illinois has heard enough talk; it’s time for action. It’s time to stand up to the Chicago politicians and political elites in Springfield, not just with words, but with votes.”


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