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Business Owners: Madigan 32% Tax Hike will be Devastating

Governor Bruce Rauner joined small business owners in Chicago’s Hegewisch neighborhood today to put a face to the families that will be impacted by the Madigan 32 percent permanent tax hike.
​”Our hardworking families and small business owners are once again paying for the failed policies of the past 35 years,” Governor Rauner said. “The Madigan 32 percent permanent tax increase is going to take more of their hard earned dollars and pump them into a broken system that the majority party refuses to fix.”
Jim Dombrowski and Bob Wicz are two of the businesses owners that joined the governor today. In addition to their income taxes increasing 32 percent, they will also see their corporate taxes increase 33 percent.  They discussed with Governor Rauner how the lack of any changes to help them do business – like freezing property taxes or improving the regulatory climate  – are going to significantly hinder potential growth.
“Raising taxes isn’t going to help the businesses here at all,” said Jim Dombrowski, owner of Club 81 TOO. “My small business has been open since 1945. Increasing the income tax is just not right when my property taxes keep going up, and is going to be devastating to my business.”
“This income tax increase is just another reason for people to pick up and drive two minutes to Indiana,” said Bob Wisz, President of Hegewisch Business Association and owner of Doreen’s Gourmet Frozen Pizza Inc. “Hegewisch is a phenomenal community with the resources and skilled workforce, but we are bleeding people and jobs to our neighbors. It’s incredibly disappointing that families and small businesses are being hit yet again with more taxes and no relief elsewhere. We need change to help our community, small businesses and all residents of the Southeast side.”
Governor Rauner yesterday vetoed SB 6, SB 9, and SB 42. In addition to permanently increasing income taxes on families and businesses, the Madigan budget is also $2 billion out of balance. It also creates a crisis for Illinois schools unless Chicago Public Schools receives another state taxpayer-funded bailout. Unfortunately, the Senate has already Senate over ridden the governor’s attempt to protect families and businesses.
Since 2000, government spending in Illinois has increased 66 percent, while failing to grow any jobs. Until economic growth is larger than spending, budgets in Illinois will never balance.

Video of the press conference can be found here.