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Bill and Lynn Stendeback thank those who took part in Gifts of Memory

Bill and Lynn Stendeback of Stendeback Family Funeral Home, wish to thank all those who participated in this year’s Gifts of Memory.  Your generosity enabled us to distribute gifts to both Enfield Healthcare and Carmi Manor residents.

Participants were: Bill & Lynn Stendeback family in memory of David Stendeback and Betsy Wyatt; Melba Fulkerson for Allen Fulkerson; Lee and Mary McRoy for Norman McRoy and Maxine Leslie; Patricia Lodge for Beatrice Thomas, Henry Thomas & Vernon Lodge; Roy & Paulette Jackson for Paul & Thelma Hoegger and Roy & Charlotte Jackson; Martha & Larry Emmons for Hazel & Franklin Duckworth, Mike DeLong and Gene & Joyce DeLong; Charlie Preston, Pat & Rick for Edna Preston; Charlie Preston for Gertrude & Ralph Preston, Jack Preston, Robert & Dorothy Preston, Vertis & Ruby Englebright, Dick Staley, Carl Bradford and Lula Staley; Keith, Sharon, Phyllis, & Linda for Woodrow & Wilma Poole and Don Poole; Phyllis Mitchell for Sam Mitchell; Kim Barbre Klein for Al Barbre; Sharon Austin for Lee Austin; Faye Carter for Diane Smith; Betty DeLong, Jim & Patty Pretzsch, Brad, Carrie, Joseph & Alexus Gates for Jim DeLong, Jim “Tennessee” DeLong, Hannah DeLong, Alvin & Ann Hart, Bill DeLong, and bob & Frances Turner; Brad, Carrie, Joseph & Alexus Gates for Ralph & Dorothy Gates and John & Louise Storey; Ron & Kay Pretzsch for Bill & Marie Colliver and Ed & Elsie Pretzsch; Harry & Pat Vaught for Floyd & Thelma Rister and Frank & Martha Vaught; Mack & Dana Leggett for Audrey Leggett, Aldena Peacock and Darlene Given; Alice & Larry Bryant for Clyde & Reba Moye; Jack Lamont for Connie Lamont; Fred & Brenda Smith for Jean & Silas Smith; Janice Kimbrell for Bob, Jim & Janet Kimbrell; Beverly Bridgeman for Bob, Jim & Janet Kimbrell; Barbara Boren for Michael DeLong, Joyce DeLong and Gene DeLong.