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Joyce Jefferson
Joyce Jefferson
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Another Falcon Avenue Business Breaks “Shell”

It wasn’t the crack of a taco shell, but it’s coming soon.  Heather Price, successful purveyor of the Jane Day Spa and owner of the new Taco Factory broke ground Wednesday morning on the corner of Industrial and Falcon.  Price, along with a veritable family reunion of kin and friends as well as a faction of city representatives gathered for a photo op and congratulations.

Taco Factory ribbon cutting

“We’re really blessed.  I have Jeff French as my builder and I have every confidence in him.  I’m excited to be working with him and his wife Angie.  Rick Marshall is my electrician and he’s here.  A lot of these people are my crazy family.  If I asked them to dig a foundation today, they would.  I’m just really blessed with a lot of friends and family and lots of support.”

Already the owner of a successful business, Price said she recognized that the community was very interested in a business like the Taco Factory.  Price talks about the recipe for success.

“Carmi needs this.  People have talked about it in the past and I just decided to do it.  About a year ago, I joined forces with the Taco Tierra founder, Walter Blake out of Mt. Carmel.  He allowed me to buy into a mentorship which gave me insight into his success, recipes, hiring practices and everything he’s learned in the last 37 years and I appreciate that.  The city offered us this lot and things have just started rolling.”

Taco Factory ribbon cutting - business

And the big question…when can you expect to sink your teeth into the delicious Mexican American dishes folks have been enjoying out of town for some time now.


“Depending on the weather, we hope to open late spring or early summer at the latest.  We look to hire 30-35 employees and we’re excited as anybody.”


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