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Alliance Coal announces layoffs at White, Hamilton County mines

As was expected by many familiar with the situation, Alliance Coal announced layoffs at several mines in the area, with operations in White and Hamilton Counties among those seeing jobs lost.

Pattiki mine operated by White County Coal, and River View mine operated by River View Coal in Union County, KY will lose an estimated 75 employees according to Friday’s announcement.  200 temporary layoffs will occur at Hamilton County Mine #1, but is expected to be lifted by the third quarter of this year.

In addition, WARN notices were issued to all workers at Warrior Coal in Hopkins County, KY and Hopkins County Coal.  Alliance had previously announced the closure of the Elk Creek mine there.

Vice president Heath Lovell said the layoffs were due to weak market conditions and reduced demand for coal due to increased regulations and low natural gas prices.  Lovell said in Friday’s statement that Alliance deeply regrets the impact of the decision on employees, their families, and their communities.