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4H Food and Clothing Show Results

Madison Roberson and Judge Marcy Fechtig
Madison Roberson and Judge Marcy Fechtig

Boy it sure smelled good in the Floral Hall on Monday, July 11 with the hundreds of 4-H food projects that were being judged. 4-H’ers were judged on looks, technique, display, and taste of their food. Clothing and Textile projects were also judged on Monday at the same time of the Food Show. Members were given the opportunity to construct a garment and model their clothing for the judge, or were able to make non-clothing projects such as pillows and or tote bags.

The Table Decorating Contest and the Chef’s Challenge were an exciting highlight of the Food Show. Members who registered for the table decorating built a table setting and decoration around the theme. The chef’s challenge members were given a recipe to complete in a timely manner. A list of results of all shows is shown below.

Chef’s Challenge

Division I ages 12-14

1st place Jace Carter

2nd place Payton Dixon

3rd place Kaden Carter

4th place Laney Cawthron

5th place Caitlin South


Division II ages 15-19

1st place Abbie Bryant

2nd place Josephine Hubele

3rd place Riley Price

4th place Jacob Hubele


Table Decorating

Division I Cloverbud-8

1st place Annsley Healy

2nd place Andi Allen

3rd place Alexus Gates

Division II ages 9-11

1st place Joseph Gates

2nd place Claire Cawthron

Division III Partners

1st place Justus Gwaltney

1st place Brody Warren

2nd place Katelyn Garner

2nd place Bailey Buchanan

Table Decorating