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Exercise/Fitness Classes Offered Fall Semester at WVC

Wabash Valley College will be offering an Exercise/Fitness class starting on August 18 which will offer low-impact cardio, strength, and toning exercises with Yoga and Pilates stretches. This class is designed to improve cardiovascular fitness, firm and tone muscles, and increase and enhance flexibility.Students... Read More.

WVC Offering Yoga Fall Semester

Wabash Valley College will offer Yoga classes this Fall Semester. Yoga is the science and art that is universally beneficial for physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being. It is a systematic discipline to quiet the chatter of the turbulent mind and awaken the intuitive creative... Read More.

Step Aerobics Offered Fall Semester at WVC

A Step Aerobics class, Aerobics I-PEI 1136, is being offered at Wabash Valley College for the Fall Semester, and it is not too late to enroll for the class.The class is designed so that individual attention is given to the students, with an instructor... Read More.