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White County Sheriff and Carmi Police Report Details 7/31 – 8/2

White County law enforcement responded to a Burglary report at the Old Taylor Sawmill north of Enfield yesterday afternoon.  Eddie Dotson, according to the report, tells authorities he was employed by the Harmon’s to take care of the property and look after the cattle there.  He noticed a building had been broken into and a 4 wheeler stolen.  The atv is described as a Honda Four Trax 250 with front and back racks.  He also mentioned that all four tires were thin and all had been plugged.  Furthermore, the battery cover was missing and he believes the four wheeler is a 98 or 99 model.  Dotson estimates the burglary happened between Tuesday at 1pm and Wednesday when he noticed it.

Deputies were alerted to an identity theft.  The unnamed victim, a 55 year old Enfield man, told law enforcement he received a package back on November 23rd of last year from Montgomery Ward.  According to the report, he says he didn’t order the tool that was inside nor did he have an account with the business.  Then, in mid July, the victim received a letter by mail from Camenity Bank indicating someone had tried to open an account using his social security number.  On the same day in July, he says he received a statement from WayFair showing 3 items returned totaling $629 in value in spite of him not having an account with that company either.  So far, the victim indicates he’s not lost any money, but is obviously concerned about his identity security and his credit rating.  One of the pieces of correspondence had a phone number on it.  The White County Sheriff’s Department is on the investigation.

A theft and burglary were also reported by Carmi residents Wednesday.  The Sheriff’s Department released a report from Kyle Fisher on behalf of The Roads Church in Norris City.  Fisher told authorities that the church has a pull behind trailer that’s gone missing from the church property.  The last time he noticed the trailer where it belonged was on June 28th and noticed it gone on July 30th.  The report was filed after Fisher ran through a list of folks who might have used the trailer and found that no one knew it’s whereabouts.  The trailer is described as a 2002 Jerry valued at $800.  It’s black and 16 feet long with side rails and two 12 inch poles on the rear of the trailer.  The license plate on the trailer is/was 117315TC.

Dispatch has placed the trailer in the LEADS system.

Danny Harris of rural Carmi called the White County Sheriff’s Department Wednesday morning to report a burglary from a building on property he owns.  The report indicates Harris told officials the last two nights someone has pried the door open and gained entry.  The first night, Harris says he didn’t think anything was missing and therefore didn’t file a report.  Upon his arrival Wednesday, he found numerous items gone.  A grinder, radio and numerous tools were taken from a work bench.  A variety of nuts and bolts were also taken from a cabinet.  Harris says the building has been entered many times indicating he’s found the large doors open on occasion as well as the walking doors and pry marks on the walking door were visible where suspects had pried the door to gain entry.

A 24 year old Carmi man is behind bars Thursday morning following his arrest around a quarter to noon Wednesday.  Carmi Police were called to 514 Illinois Street where Jimmy Sexton lives.  The report alleges, Sexton’s victim, 29 year old Sarah Brewster was involved in an argument with him and ended up with an injury to her right eye caused by Sexton.  Sexton has been charged with Domestic Battery.

Stevan Street resident Andrew Patrick Horne tells Carmi officers someone stole his Galaxy J7 cell phone from his girlfriend’s residence at 414 Rice Street.  Horne alleges the phone went missing sometime between May and July 30th, according to the report filed with the local police department.  The value of the cellular device is estimated to be around $200.

A Carmi woman is back on the streets Friday after posting bond following her arrest Thursday afternoon.  Carmi Police say they pulled over 39 year old Angela Starnes of Oak Street driving on 5th Street around 2:30pm.  The report indicates the officer knew Starnes had a suspended drivers license prompting the traffic stop.  She was arrested in the Pundrakes parking lot, while the vehicle she was driving was towed by Cherry Street.  Starnes was arrested in March of this year and charged with operating an uninsured motor vehicle as well as possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia.  She’ll be in court on those charges in September.  She bonded out to $250 plus booking fee after 2am Friday morning on her latest charge.

State’s Attorney Denton Aud says Beth Allen was arrested in court on Monday for a burglary warrant.  She was referred to drug court on Wednesday by her public defender, Rhonda Blades.

Amber Newman had previously been placed on first offender probation for possession of controlled substance in 2018 with part of the sentence being a six month stayed jail sentence.  Thursday, at the State’s request, Judge Webb lifted the jail stay in court and remanded her to the Sheriff’s Department to begin serving that six month sentence.