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White County Board approves Federal Aid agreement to resurface Centerville blacktop

The White County Board met on Tuesday night for their scheduled March meeting. Following approval of last meeting’s minutes and payment of current bills, a few reports were issued from county offices.

Coroner Chris Marsh told the Board he was preparing a resolution for future consideration that would establish mutual aid between his office and other Coroners offices in Illinois.  Marsh explained that these were becoming more common and are being pushed by the State as a good idea.  In a case of an instance where multiple deaths occur, neighboring counties can provide aid at no cost.

Don Puckett informed the Board that the first meeting of the EMA oversight board went well, and that their first order of business will be to update ordinances that have not been changed since 1976.  Puckett also said that the State wants each county to submit details on disaster response, so the board will be constructing those in the near future.

Randy Frazier addressed the Board on issues regarding properties in Maunie that had not been sold in the last tax deed sale.  Frazier stated he was looking for options on cleaning up the properties, and what the village would have to do in order to remove the damaged and decaying structures.  Paula Dozier and Denton Aud both agreed to look into the issue and give him some information soon.

The Board unanimously approved a Federal Aid Agreement to resurface the Centerville Blacktop from Carmi to County Road 1700N.  Brian Ray said that between federal and state funds, the project will not require county tax funds to complete.

The Board also passed resolutions to accept and award proposals for the furnishing of materials for 2016 Motor Fuel Tax funds.  Ray explained that this was a new requirement from the Illinois Department of Transportation , and must be done for both the county and for the individual townships.

A short executive session was held to discuss personnel issues, with no action taken and the Board adjourned at 7:30.  The next meeting of the Board will be at 7pm on April 12.