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Wayne County Humane Society to host Clear the Shelters Day Aug. 19

“Clear The Shelters Day” is a nationwide pet adoption drive on Saturday, August 19th that helps find loving homes for animals in need.  The Wayne County Humane Society has announced that they will be partnering with Animals Requesting Friends to participate in this nationwide “Clear The Shelters Day” event!  For four hours only, 10am until 2pm, on Saturday, August 19th, the Wayne County Humane Society will reduce adoption & microchipping identification fees for over 50 cats, dogs, puppies & kittens needing forever homes in their shelter.

In honor of “Clear The Shelters Day”, ARF will offer a $40 Dog/Cat Spay/Neuter Discount Coupon for any cat or dog rescued from ANY shelter on Saturday, August 19th only.  This is the largest spay/neuter discount that ARF has offered in their 17 year history.  ARF’s $40 spay/neuter discount will be available on the spot from 10 until 2 for adoptions on August 19th at the Wayne County Humane Society. 

Reduced adoption fees forcats & kittens will be $10.00 plus $15.00 for the microchip and dogs & puppies will be $50.00 plus $15.00 for the microchip fee.  Law requires that all cats & dogs leaving Illinois shelters be microchipped and spayed & neutered.

If you already have a cat or dog that is not microchipped, the Wayne County Humane Society will microchipANY cat or dog for $15.00 & offer microchip national registration assistance on August 19thas well.

For more information about “Clear The Shelters Day”, call the Humane Society at 847-4012 or find the Wayne County Humane Society or ARF on facebook.  To see a map of participating shelters, visit

In 2016, “Clear The Shelters Day” resulted in more than 50,000 pets finding forever homes in the United States.  So find your new companion & help “clear the shelter” on Saturday, August 19th.The Wayne County Humane Society is located at 518 SE 4th St. in Fairfield.