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Wabash Christian Therapy Hosts Senior Fit Testing

Remember being elementary age and the physical fitness tests you took?  How do you think you’d fair at those tests today?  And how does it apply to your life now?  Wabash Christian Therapy believes it does matter…and similar tests as you mature are important markers of overall fitness.  From simple tasks like getting up off the couch to climbing stairs, even playing hide and seek with your grand kids.  They’re important to enjoying life.

Janelle Waters, Program Director for Wabash Christian Therapy Clinic, is welcoming folks of all ages to a Senior Fit Testing program on Monday.  The testing will be held at the Supportive Living of Wabash building on Abelson Drive in Carmi from 9:30am to 11:30am.

“We test a variety of areas,” said Walters. “Endurance, flexibility, walking ability, strength of their arms and their legs, and we use a variety of tests to determine their outcome. Based on that they are given a scorecard, and the scorecard compares them to their peers and other folks who are in the same age range based on some data that has been figured up in the past. And we are able to give them an idea of how they compare health-wise, fitness-wise to others.”

She says the results will allow individuals see what they need to work on or visit with therapists about potentially putting together a therapy program to strengthen areas in which they’re weak.

Again, it’s Monday, 9:30 to 11:30am at Supportive Living of Wabash on Abelson Drive in Carmi.